Our Story

In the early 1970’s, a group of Reformed Christians and their families moved to Tulare from Southern California in pursuit of economic opportunity and wide-open spaces. With a desire to accommodate anyone and everyone, the fledgling congregation landed on the name, Tulare Community Church, and held our first official worship service in the Wilson Elementary School cafeteria in April of 1972.

In 1999, we leaned into our history as a church plant by planting our first church. This began and instilled a culture of outreach, church planting, and a willingness to embrace our name as Tulare Community Church by being the hands and feet of Jesus in our community.

Today, the vision shared by our fellow pilgrims 50 years ago is alive and well. We exist to honor the truth of Scripture, preach the grace of the Gospel, and be disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus: because the Gospel changes everything. It changes the way we approach who we are, how we relate to our families, church, and community, and how we view our role within our city, county, and beyond!

Our Logo

The logo of our church is inspired by the steeple that adorns the roof of our sanctuary. The steeple is depicted as an apostle carrying a cross. An apostle is a messenger of the Gospel, the Good News that Jesus Christ is Lord over all things. As followers of Him, we carry on the earliest apostles’ legacy of proclaiming the Good News of Christ in the entirety of the way we live our lives.