South Campus

8:30 AM in the Worship Center

As a ministry of TCC, South Campus is part of one church, one mission and one governance body. ¬†We invite you to meet Jesus in the rhythms of grace we find in music, spoken word and people. Children age 6 and up remain with their parents in this service. We have nursery and a separate experience for children ages 3-5. South Campus is intent on being a community that demonstrates faithfulness to God in reaching their community, and together be disciples and make disciples of Jesus…be one, make one!




- Service starts at 8:30 am
- We fellowship, worship, and learn as a community
- Our parking lot is in the back of our facility
- Nursery can be accessed right off the parking lot
- Children 3-5 years of age are released to Children in Worship during the service
- Service usually lasts for a little over an hour
- Shorts, Jeans, T-shirts... wear whatever you feel comfortable in

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